Bench to Bench

Bench to Bench

Bench to Bench

Celebrate one of DMVAC's best-loved characters by taking part in the 

Michael Horner Bench-to-Bench Trail Run 

GPX file - Strava Route - Hard Copy Map for printing/saving to phone​ - 2024 Instructions

What is it?

It is not a race. It is a Tuesday Ranmore run with a twist:

Everyone in the club runs the same route - out-and-back between Michael's memorial benches: one on Ranmore and the other 5.5 miles away on Leith Hill. 

Some runners will do the whole 11 miles, some will turn back early, and others will run one way only - having first arranged a lift back from Leith Hill or will run from Leith Hill to the Wotton Hatch for the post-run social event. 

There is no official timing, so time yourself if this is important to you. 

Who can play? 

Any adult DMVAC member who is familiar with Ranmore runs. Older youth members might be considered by prior arrangement.  

The Benches

Michael's benches are identical sturdy wooden benches. 
Erected by the Horner family, Michael's Leith Hill bench is just down from the tower on its north side, facing Ranmore.   

Erected by DMVAC to celebrate Michael's many wonderful contributions to the club, his Ranmore bench is just to the left after you enter Steer's Field.
With a good telescope, you can see one from the other. 

The annual Bench-to-bench run starting on Ranmore is held one Tuesday in June every summer to commemorate Mike Horner who was a much-loved member of DMVAC. Anyone who went out running with the Mike can relate a tale, usually about his cheerful optimism and under-estimate of the distance to be covered...  There was never a dull moment when you went running with him and the annual run in the Surrey Hills from Ranmore to Leith Hill is a fitting tribute.