Gayle's Run/Walk Group

Gayle's Run/Walk Group
Age Group
Mixed: Walk / Run
5+ / hour
parkrun Times
35 - 60 mins
Tuesday Evening
Varies: Dorking and surrounds
Gender Split (M/F)
Coaching Session

The Snayle Wowers

Gayle created this group for all runners who need or simply prefer to incorporate walking into their social runs - the group was designed to help those newer to running or returning from injury/lay off, to build up their endurance gradually and safely, but there is no maximum or minimum speed. Gayle 'leads' from the back - sending faster runners on 'loops' - so no one gets left behind, but all runners can push themselves as required. The idea is that recoveries/rest periods are walked - this means everyone keeps moving: nobody gets cold standing still (can lead to injury), and everybody gets whatever length of recovery they need. Routes usually cover around 5k - but individual runners may cover more by looping.
Advanced booking is essential so as to plan appropriate routes.

Gayle Banks
Gayle Banks
Run-leader / Coach